Butterfly Motorized Valve

Butterfly Motorized Valve

We are one of the leading Butterfly Motorized Valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Our ranges of butterfly valves are capable to control media flow remotely. We are offering them in wafer or lug connection style. They are efficient, lightweight, offering high torque and assembled with electric actuators. The valve actuator requires electrical energy for open-close operation of valve but it can stay in same state without using electricity.

The disc of butterfly valve rotates with the actuator for open-close operation. Moreover actuators can be easily install in your system and allow you best user experience. For managing valve medium, the actuator is driven by electrical energy and hence it can rotate up to 90 degree for open close operation of valve. Our simple product mechanism offer user friendly performance. Opening and closing of valve plate can be done by using electrical energy. Butterfly valves are basically divided in two types as per actuator operation. Switch type butterfly valve is used for switching purpose whereas Regulation type butterfly valve is important for flow regulation because it can adjust the medium flow as per required degree.

Our designed butterfly valves provide durable and reliable operation with best sealing properties to suit your customized application. Our offered butterfly valves are used in various industries such as Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical, Sanitary, Agriculture and many others. Being a leading Butterfly Motorized Valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, we ensure that our all products are made using best quality raw materials. In order to provide efficient and high performance products, our all valves and actuators are inspected and tested before final dispatch to customers.

Storage Instructions for Butterfly Motorized Valve

  • It should be stored in clean, dry, ventilated room and avoid direct contact with any oily substance for long lasting performance.
  • Use lids at both end of valve to prevent dust, remove dirt properly to keep channels clean.
  • The all functions of butterfly valve should be retest before use; ideal storage time is over 20 months.
  • Make sure that device or terminals not get damaged, avoid contact with corrosive materials
  • Contact technical professionals in case of electrical or mechanical breakdown.

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