Mixing Diverting Control Valve

Pneumatic mixing diverting control valve

We have emerged as leading Mixing diverting control valve manufacturer, supplier and Exporter in India. We supply this control valve for flow control of liquids in different industrial process. Our quality certified control valve is made with advance modular design and range of different actuators operates to fulfill the various needs of the industry. Our three-way control valve is a lightweight valve used in low flow process as a mixing valve. It is designed as a three-way body with two inlets for two separate flow streams in common outlet for creating third fluid. This mixing diverting control valve is made to control a variety of fluids such as water, steam, and gases. The main feature of our valve is the top guided construction which ensures smooth traveling of stable plug over entire stroke for minimizing wear and tear loss.

Our control valve is made to work in different heating or cooling application for controlling hot, cold and other fluids. These valves can work in modulating or two position control system. Our mixing valves have two inlets with one outlet, and diverting valves have one inlet with two outlets. Some people refer three-way valves as a mixing valve but these valves can also be known as constant flow valves or bypass valves. These mixing diverting control valves are used in mixing service for direct flow of one inlet to a common outlet or in diverting service for direct flow of common inlet to any one of two outlets. These diverting and mixing valves are not interchangeable with each other. Our heavy duty control valve made for standard or low flow industrial applications. It is also useful when environmental conditions may be harsh for traditional three-way control valves


  • For flow control of liquids and gases
  • Compact and Light weight
  • Low cost
  • High Level Trim Profile
  • Compact and durable design


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