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Angle Seat Control Valve


Asten controls is one of the leading Angle Seat Control Valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Our control valves are made to control temperature, pressure, level or flow within a pipeline or vessel.

What is Angle Seat Control Valve?

Angle seat control valve, also known as angle valves or Y-type valves, are a type of industrial valve used for controlling the flow of liquids and gases in various applications. These valves are generally pneumatically or electrically actuated. Pneumatic actuators are common and are used for automated control in industrial processes. They are known for their reliability and are often used in applications where dependable performance is required. Pneumatically actuated angle seat control valves can open and close rapidly, making them suitable for applications that require fast response times. Angle seat control valves are frequently used for controlling various media such as gas, liquid, steam, high viscous fluids. Angle valves are also widely used in Emergency Shut-Off valves to quickly stop the flow of fluids or gases in critical situations.


This type of valves is most commonly used to control pressure, regulate flow and distributive control for polymers, high-pressure acid leaching process, slurry handling and heavy oil up gradation. Similarly, they are ideal for various operating conditions where high pressure, high flow rates, vibrations or temperature drops can be an issue.
Overall, This control valve is versatile components widely used in industrial processes where fast response open-close operations is needed. Their robust design and reliability make them a popular choice for various applications across industries.

Known as the top Angle Seat Control Valve manufacturer, We have developed many types of angle control valves for different applications. Each valve made for some specific characteristics tailored to control specific process elements.

Angle Seat Control Valve

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