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Asten is one of the reputed Disc Check Valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter company in India. We take pride in being your trusted partner of Disc Check Valves, meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous demands of fluid and gas control in industrial applications. Our extensive range of Disc Check Valves is designed to deliver precision, reliability, and efficiency in ensuring one-way flow while preventing backflow.

Disc Check Valve Application:

Disc Check Valves, a fundamental type of non-return valve, are indispensable components in fluid systems. They are designed to allow fluid or gas to flow in one direction while automatically blocking reverse flow. We offer most reliable and durable disc check valve. These compact valves are highly suitable for any application process of liquid, gas and steam. These valves are known for their simplicity, yet they play a vital role in maintaining system integrity, safety, and efficiency.

Key Features of Our Valve:

  • Disc Design: Our Disc Check Valves feature a robust disc-shaped closure element that moves in response to fluid pressure. It swiftly opens to permit forward flow and closes promptly to prevent back flow.
  • Spring-Assisted Closure: Many of our Disc Check Valves incorporate a spring mechanism that ensures quick closure when back flow pressure decreases, guaranteeing a secure shutoff.
  • Low Pressure Drop: These valves offer minimal resistance to flow when open, resulting in very low pressure drop across the valve.

Applications of Disc Check Valve:

Our Disc Check Valves find applications in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Water and Wastewater: Ensuring back flow prevention and contamination control in water treatment plants and sewage systems.
  • Chemical Processing: Playing a crucial role in controlling the flow of chemicals, acids, and corrosive media.
  • Pumping systems: prevents back flow in delivery of pumping stations thereby reducing power and energy losses.
Disc Check Valve

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