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High Performance Butterfly Valve


For over decades, Asten has established itself as one of the reputed High Performance Butterfly Valve manufacturer and supplier in India. We are continuously fulfilling the requirement of clients by delivering premium quality industrial butterfly valves.

What Are High Performance Butterfly Valve?

High performance butterfly valves are a type of industrial valve used for regulating and controlling the flow of fluids, such as liquids and gases, in various industrial processes. These valves are designed to provide superior performance in terms of flow control, durability, and reliability.

Unlike traditional butterfly valves, high-performance ones often feature a double or triple offset design. This design reduces friction and wear, allowing for tight shutoff and extended service life. It also minimizes torque requirements for operation.

Importance of Butterfly Valves

High performance butterfly valves can provide bi-directional sealing which is crucial for applications where backflow prevention is essential. Due to their advanced engineering and design high performance butterfly valves typically require lower torque to operate compared to standard butterfly valves. This makes them more energy-efficient and easier to automate.


High performance butterfly valves with metal seated design are mainly used in high-pressure and high-temperature environments. These valves are designed to handle demanding conditions in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, and power generation.

High performance butterfly valves can be easily automated using electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic actuators, allowing for precise control and remote operation.

High performance butterfly valves are also designed to meet fire-safe standards, providing an added layer of safety in case of fire emergencies.

Get Best Quality High Performance Butterfly Valve

These valves are commonly used in industries where precise control of flow, durability, and reliability are crucial factors. They offer an excellent balance of performance and cost-effectiveness, making them a popular choice for various applications. However, the specific features and capabilities of high-performance butterfly valves can vary depending on the manufacturer and model, so it’s essential to choose the right valve for your specific application and requirements.

High Performance Butterfly Valve

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