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Known as the leading Floating Ball Valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, we offer durable and reliable valves. Our best manufacturing line is able to provide quality ball valves and actuators to meet your application requirements. Our floating ball valves fully comply with all the industrial regulations. Moreover, they are available in a wide variety of designs, materials, sizes, and pressure classes.

Floating ball valves work well with both liquids and gases and are typically utilized in applications requiring medium-to low-pressure valves.

How it Work?

Our floating ball valves offer the consumer optimal leak protection with a design that has been shown to be highly reliable. A free floating ball is pre-loaded between the seats of Floating Ball Valves during assembly, featuring a distinct ball and stem design. The ball stem slit permits the ball to float freely under pressure as it moves off its axis to seal on the downstream side when pressure enters the valve from the upstream side, creating a pressure aided seal. To improve stem seal performance for a tight seal connection, the stem stays in the valve axis.

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Our offered floating ball valves provides positive fluid and gas shut-off under most demanding operating environments. We make use of cutting-edge manufacturing technology and only use premium materials that have been inspected and tested in accordance with international standards. We also place a special emphasis on product safety, quality, and long service life to guarantee that our clients receive the “best in class” products that we offer at a reasonable cost and with prompt delivery. Asten has established it self as the reputed Floating Ball Valve manufacturer in India as we provide all the custom solutions. Customer can contact us with their requirement to get best valve solutions.

Floating Ball Valve

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