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Direct acting solenoid valves


Asten Controls is a reputed Direct Acting Solenoid Valves manufacturer and supplier in India. We provide best quality 3/2 Direct Acting Solenoid Valves. These specialized valves are meticulously engineered to provide seamless and precise control over fluid and gas flows in various industrial applications. Explore the forefront of solenoid valve technology through our innovative solutions.

How Direct Acting Solenoid Valves Works?

Our offered Solenoid Valves are renowned for their efficiency and simplicity. The “3/2” designation signifies their configuration, indicating three ports and two positions. These valves operate directly in response to electrical signals, without the need for a pilot valve or external pressure source. When the solenoid coil is energized, it shifts the valve to one of two positions, allowing or blocking fluid or gas flow. De-energizing the coil reverses the valve’s position, providing precise control.


Direct Acting Solenoid Valves are majority used in fluidics. They are responsible for mixing, distributing, releasing, and shutting off fluids (liquids and gasses). The valves provide a range of functions, including generally closed, normally open, and diverter, and they provide the highest level of internal and exterior protection against liquids and gases for usage in difficult situations.


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