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Asten Control is a leading Special Application Ball Valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. We can offer valves for your applications. We are capable to develop ball valve suited for any industry as per customer requirement. User can request any type of Special Application Ball Valve whether they are searching for Electrical Ball Valve, Pneumatic Ball Valve, Manual Ball Valve, Steam, High temperature valve or any other valve. Our offered special ball valves are durable and energy efficient. It will consume minimum electrical energy for opening and closing of valve. It is able control gas, water, steam, mud, oil, liquid metal and other liquid flow. That is why they are very useful control valves for heating systems.

About Special Application Ball Valve

We develop Special Application Ball Valve for automation of various process control services. They are compact, corrosion proof and light weight, available with CPVC, SS, MS, PVC, Polypropylene and other material construction. Now demand of 2 way automation ball valve is growing to fulfill many on off and switching purpose in pipeline applications. For managing valve switching action, it uses electrical power to drive valve through actuator. These electrical valves are power open and power close type and can rotate on the angle of 90 degree from open to close position. Its actuating force distance is bigger than any other valve and hence comparatively slow then air operated pneumatic valve but we can adjust valve actuating speed. Known as one of the top ball valve manufacturer, we offer 2 way & 3 way ball valves on market leading prices.

Applications :

  • Ball valves function as a shut-off for corrosive fluids, slurries, regular liquids, and gases. Their primary uses are in flow and pressure control.
  • Ball valves are employed in the manufacturing, chemical storage, oil and gas, and even residential sectors.

Advantages of Special Application Ball Valve :

  • Leak-proof service
  • Quick reaction time
  • Robust design and longer lifespan
  • Compact design and low maintenance
  • Affordable
Special Application Ball Valve

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