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Asten is a leading Electro Pneumatic Positioners manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Along with wide range of industrial valves, we also produce high quality electro pneumatic valve positioner for our valued clients. Our specialized positioners are meticulously designed to provide precise and reliable control over pneumatic actuators, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of various industrial processes. Explore the cutting-edge technology behind position control through our innovative solutions.

How They Work?

Electro Pneumatic Positioner are critical components in industrial automation. They excel in controlling the precise positioning of pneumatic actuators, such as valves or dampers, in response to electrical control signals. These positioners convert electrical input into pneumatic output, ensuring the actuator moves to the desired position accurately and consistently. Electro Pneumatic Positioners are widely used in industries where precision control is essential.

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Asten Controls has consistently provided the valve sector with cutting-edge innovations and the safest industrial products for the past several years. Our all products are highly apreciated among customers for their quality and performance. We offer wide range of Electro Pneumatic Positioners to clients to fulfill their various requirements. Contact us or send your requirements directly to us.

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