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Namur Solenoid Valve Manufacturer

Asten Controls is known as the leading Namur Solenoid Valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. We offer unmatched quality of efficient Namur Solenoid valve to our valued clients. Our manufactured Namur Solenoid Valve is intended for use in pneumatic control system with single or double acting rotary cylinders. The Namur Solenoid Valve with electromagnetic control is designed to be mounted directly into the cylinders. They function best in both lubricated and dry air.

What is NAMUR Solenoid Valve?

NAMUR Solenoid Valve is designed following the NAMUR standard, a widely recognized norm in industrial automation. These valves are specifically tailored for use in pneumatic and hydraulic systems, offering seamless integration with NAMUR-compatible actuators and accessories. NAMUR valves are renowned for their reliability, versatility, and compliance with industry standards.

Asten NAMUR Solenoid Valves

Welcome to Asten, your trusted source for NAMUR Solenoid Valve. Our specialized valves are meticulously engineered to provide precise control over pneumatic systems, meeting the stringent demands of industrial automation.

Our valves adhere to NAMUR standards, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration with NAMUR-compatible equipment.


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