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Welcome to Asten, your trusted partner for high-performance Globe Valves. We are established in 2005 as one of the leading Globe Valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Our offered globe valves are used to regulate fluid flow with functions of start and stop. Our specialized valves are meticulously engineered to regulate fluid and gas flows with precision and reliability across a wide range of industrial applications.

How it Work?

The disk of globe valve can restrict complete fluid flow or allow flow by removing it completely. The disc rotates on perpendicular direction during open close function of the valve. Globe valves can effectively regulate the fluid flow due to their throttling ability but they have slight high pressure drop than gate valve or ball valve. Globe valve offers close seal between disk and seat, it becomes possible because right angle contact between seat ring with disc provide minimum amount of leakage from the globe valve as compared to any other valve.

Applications of Globe Valve

Globe valve mainly used in system where leakage controlling and flow regulation is more important. These valves find application in vent and drain due to their leak tightening properties. They are widely used to regulate high pressure steam. They are also used in chemical, water treatment, oil, food, air and other services where pressure drop is not an important. Moreover it is also used as an automatic control valve.

Globe Valves are an integral part of industrial fluid and gas systems. They are renowned for their exceptional control capabilities, allowing precise adjustment of flow rates. These valves feature a globe-shaped body with a movable plug or disc that can be positioned to throttle or shut off the flow.

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Being a leading globe valve manufacturer and supplier, we are offering customize valve solution to customers to suit their application at cost effective prices.

Globe Valve

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