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We are leading Gate Valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Gate valve is one of the most conventional valves used in the pipeline industry. At Asten, we offer high-performance Gate Valves meticulously engineered to meet the unique needs of your industry. Our offered gate valves are used largely in pipeline system for on-off and regulating the flow, additionally they are used as isolating valves.

What is Gate Valve?

Gate valve is used for the complete shut off or in fully open position to allow full flow of fluid in piping system. It requires minimum space with pipe axis and does not restrict fluid flow when working in open condition. Gate valves are easy to construct in large piping system than any other valve and hence used mostly in large system. Gate valves feature a gate-like disc that is raised or lowered to control the flow path, providing accurate control over liquids and gases. Its operation is performed either rotating clockwise for open or clockwise for close, while operating gate of the valve moves either up or down as per application requirement.

Key attributes of our Gate Valves include durability, versatility, and an efficient design that minimizes pressure drop when fully open.


Gate valves are used mostly controlling fluid flow of water, oil, gas, steam and air in various industries such as chemical, refineries, petrochemical and gas plants. They can also regulate the flow with usual on off applications. Gate valve is ideal in the applications where minimum pressure loss require.

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Known as the leading gate valve manufacturer company in India, We ensure to provide excellent quality products to satisfy customer need and applications. We are able to fulfill your product requirement with our customized solution at best prices.

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