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Step into the world of optimal pressure control with Asten’s cutting-edge Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs). Our exclusive valve solutions have been meticulously crafted to excel in the art of regulating and maintaining consistent fluid or gas pressures across diverse industrial processes.

Pressure Reducing Valves, sometimes referred to as Pressure Control Valves or Regulators, form the backbone of fluid and gas systems in various industrial sectors. Their primary work is to reduce high inlet pressures and maintain them into stable lower and saferoutlet pressures. This precision doesn’t merely ensure smooth operation; it’s a shield against overpressure-induced havoc.

Here’s how a PRV works:

The PRV is installed in a pipeline or system where the inlet pressure is typically higher and may fluctuate.

The operator sets the desired outlet pressure on the PRV. This is the pressure at which the valve should maintain at the downstream.

Asten PRV consists of a mechanism of a diaphragm and an adjustable spring. The spring exerts a force on the valve to keep it closed.

When the inlet pressure is higher than the set outlet pressure, it exerts a force on the valve, trying to open it. The spring’s force opposes this pressure.

The valve opens just enough to release excess pressure and allows fluid or gas to flow into the downstream system. This process continues until the outlet pressure reaches the desired setpoint.

Once the outlet pressure matches the setpoint, the forces from the inlet pressure and the spring balance out, holding the valve in a partially open position to maintain the desired outlet pressure.

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